Prime Autographs is a team of 5 people who came together from a result of the passion and love of autograph collecting.  For each and everyone one of us, we started as mere autographs hunters, some as early as 6 years old.  Our CEO, David Mason, got his very first autograph in Las Vegas, Nevada from none other than Elvis Presley himself. 

"I was staying at the International Hotel on February 18, 1970. After a stellar performance from Elvis, 8 people from the crowd were chosen at random to go backstage to meet The King himself. I was one of those lucky few. I spent 5 minutes with him and got his autograph on piece of hotel stationary. I was hooked from that moment on. I knew autographs were going to be a big part of my life from that day forward."

David was right!  He has been collecting autographs ever since, amassing a collection of over 5,000 autographs since that special day on Feb 18th, 1970. 

In June of 1982, David turned his passion into a business, opening "Dave's Memorabilia" in Toronto, Canada. He quickly found thousands of other people who shared in his passion.  After 7 years of business, he opened a second location in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Continued success has brought 4 other people into the business who are just as passionate as he is. 

In an ever expanding world, Dave decided to take the business global, opening a website to offer everyone on the globe his authentic products.

Amanda Bernard

Amanda grew up in Toronto, a big fan of collecting autographs, mostly from Sports figures and any musical talent that came to the area. After collecting thousand of autographs in over 20 years, she decided to turn her passion in to a career. She joined our team in 1999.


"Joining David and the team at Prime Autographs was an easy decision for me. We all share a passion for this hobby and we're all clearly committed to keeping it alive. I am looking forward to serving all of our wonderful customers"

Bill Mason


Bill, younger brother of David, has been collecting and selling autographs since 1985.  His love of autograph collecting quickly turned into a career, joining his brother in business in October of 1987.

Jason Fisher


Jason is our newest team member, joining us in 2014. Jason keeps our books clean and our pencils sharp. He takes care of our order processing and five star customer service. We wouldn't be where we are today without him.

Charles Harrison


Charles is our go-to guy.  The man with all the connections. He spends thousands of hours at comic-cons, private and public signings as well as in the company of other dealers. Without Charles, our business would not be possible. The entire collecting world needs more people like Charles. We're fortunate to have him a part of Prime Autographs.

David Mason

David, the man who started it all.  Through his professional experience and business dealing over the decades, he was able to culminate what we have here today, Prime Autographs. He and his team of professionals are dedicated to providing you with authentic autographs and serving you with the greatest and most courteous of customer service.